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With the domestic motorcycle manufacturing technology, tubeless tires (commonly known as vacuum births) has been widely used in motorcycle), particularly high-end cars and scooters riding style, most models have a standard tubeless tire equipment.

First, the characteristics of tubeless tires

Chang said the low pressure tubeless tires tires, vacuum tire, radial tire and bias lines are divided into two tires. Tubeless tires have a higher flexibility and abrasion resistance and good adhesion and thermal performance. In particular, radial tire, as tire crown angle is zero, changes in the vehicle when a small amount of high-speed ahead, and to maintain good driving stability and smaller friction is beneficial impact shock absorption and speed improved. Tubeless tire inner tube tire than a much thicker, and the surface of another layer of high-quality rubber, inflated surface tension increases, including a certain surface pressure, increased its ability to break the self-proclaimed, if punctured, not as ordinary tires in an instant all the vent gas as complete, will persist for some time, to protect the complete high-speed driving.

Tubeless tires and wheels as the tire ring seal as one of its manufacture high precision, most of the integration for the die-casting aluminum wheel hubs, tires positioning between the high, the wheel of a very small amount of radial runout. Motorcycle tubeless tire use of their comfort and stability than using the regular motorcycle tire is much better.

Second, the use of several aspects of attention

1. Must remain under pressure

Tubeless tires for the high-quality rubber, good elasticity, soft strong pressure to adapt to the range, even if the tire pressure is high and no ordinary hard tire that made sense, so use the barometer of the pressure of the check. In addition to tires were slashed, the tubeless tires are generally not self-deflation, so check inflation pressure gauge when to use and maintain the prescribed pressure, must not the same as with ordinary tires feel to decide whether to qi.

2. Tubeless tire in use should also avoid hard objects sharp stab, puncture, to avoid with acid, alkali contacts were oil stains will also speed up the decomposition of rubber. Tires should be kept clean to avoid rubber aging and prolong life.

3. Tubeless tires on asphalt, cement, better adaptability to the road, even if the surface water can maintain the strong adhesion, good stability. But on the soil surface, especially in a small muddy road adhesion, poor stability

Motorcycle tubeless tire using the best use in the urban areas, not in the outskirts of dirt road driving.

3, tubeless tire cold patch

After the tire puncture repair tool available exclusively to repair, if repair motorcycle Silbury do not have the condition, can fill yourself with cold glue for cold patch, which is:

1. Remove the wheel, Paxia tires. Grilled is best to use bamboo Lever fetal side, the tire pressure on both sides as far as possible to the center can be gently Paxia, careful not to tire the two edges torn.

2. To break the foreign office clean-up after the tire around the inside with sandpaper to break up fight hair coated with cold glue (which can put some more, but only painted once) until 5 pm -7 minutes after the film with a large cold fill can be affixed to the inside tire. If high speed, can complement the cold salt layer to improve the repair strength, and symmetry in the fetal position inside the glue of the same size cold fill two films, in order to maintain wheel balance.

3. Mounted on the tires, the case of artificial cheer, began to be fierce, try to tire quickly from both sides of filling and sealing, the valve fitted to the provisions of stylus pressure, then tighten the valve needle. Final inspection, if not leak can be installed.

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