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Mentioned GS, riders immediately thought, “boxer”, which is not wrong. However, GS family is not only the “boxer”, such as F 800 GS ADV, is the GS family skeleton staff.
F 800 GS ADV equipped with a water-cooled, DOHC 8-valve parallel twin. Fengyun power “heart” has been available for several years, regardless of performance or durability and reliable, are legendary, especially high torque admirable, more suitable for adventure travel purposes. Its bore and stroke are respectively 82mm and 75.6mm, displacement of 798mL, the maximum power of 63kW at the speed of 7500 r / min output, maximum torque 83N · m at the time of 5500 r / min outbreaks.
Thanks to this dynamic ample parallel twin, F 800 GS ADV Mercedes-Benz has a strong ability on the road. Due to the low speed torque tough, fierce twist the throttle when the rider will feel the engine is to force, so that the acceleration brisk response becomes very interesting. F 800 GS ADV accelerate from standstill to 100km / h only 4.1 seconds, top speed of more than 190km / h, which for the middleweight dual-purpose motorcycle, the performance can be quite splendid.
As GS family members, take-road and off-road is its essential skills. F 800 GS ADV installed a long stroke suspension system, front fork travel up to 230mm, the rear shock absorbers have 215mm, damaged roads or even driving on bumpy sand road, but also to ensure good comfort. Meanwhile, the rider also optional electronic suspension adjustment system (ESA), you can easily adjust the rebound damping of the shock absorber. ESA offers comfortable, standard, sport three modes, the rider simply press the button on the handle to select the left, even in the driving process, really very convenient.
In addition, F 800 GS ADV is also equipped with the new cushions, larger windshield, and a handle guard, endurance car pedal, the engine bumper, so that the rider in a variety of road conditions, are available to a superior driving experience. Whether it is the shortage of trails through the jungle, or the conquest of bad roads, or trek in the damaged roads potholed, F 800 GS ADV are composure。

The schedule of Formula One powerboat world championship (abbreviated: UIMF1 Motorboat World Championship). According to its Schedule, UIMF1 Motorboat World Championship Chinese Grand Prix to be held on October 4, 2013 in Liuzhou. This will also be is UIMF1 powerboat world championships since 2008, the sixth year in a row settled Liuzhou.

“Liuzhou sports undertakings Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan,” made ​​it clear that during the “12th Five-Year period, major sports events to be organized: Water carnival contractors good international sports events and activities, including the 2010-2014 World Water Speed ​​Sport Competition (F1 motorboat world Championship Grand Prix and other water sports).

Liuzhou People’s Government “views on the transformation of sports development to accelerate the development of sports in our city”, released on November 27, 2012 file UIMF1 powerboat world championships as Liuzhou in the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of sports development process focus on description. This shows that the Liuzhou Government attaches great importance UIMF1 powerboat world championships.

It is understood that since 2008, Liuzhou introduced UIMF1 powerboat world championships after successful With top events to build the city’s calling card, led Liuzhou travel, business, real estate, the combined effect of made ​​excellent city marketing effectiveness. In 2009, the local government through the race to build the world water speed contest, and thus gradually find the coordinates of the city, its positioning of the city has become more clear.

Liuzhou Grand Prix come to an end during the 2012 National Day. Be able to look forward to in 2013 UIMF1 Motorboat World Championship Liuzhou Grand Prix success!

MotoGP King Rossi last year, said the plan to a showdown with the World Superbike champion Troy – Bayliss, but his desire to be dashed. Yamaha team said they can not be on time for Rossi to provide a competitive car. Rossi also rumors in recent years he moved to the rallying clarification.

Yamaha team boss David – Wembley Vital admitted: “Unfortunately, this idea can not be achieved, Yamaha is developing new R1 racing, we do not have a lot of additional resources.”

Valentino – Valentino Rossi to build a Superbike is technically feasible. In addition, the request is, after all, Rossi, and we are willing to make things better for him, but eventually we come to the conclusion that the The work can not be done. ”

Wembley Vital to Yamaha for the duel are still interested, they do not exclude the possibility of realization of this plan in the future.

He said: “We are very excited for this idea, Valentino told us that his desire to seek new challenges and new experiences Rossi is MotoGP arena, but he also wants to drive the Superbike and other game to prove their strength. after he learned that the news was very disappointed, but we may consider this issue in the future. ”

Rossi hopes to realize their desire in the next year. He said: “The idea is very interesting, too gratifying to be able to achieve. I still want to drive the Superbike competition would also like to battle with Bayliss, he was the world champion is now a difficult period, which Unfortunately, I no chance, but I hope in the future, perhaps next year, be able to do this. ”

On the issue of their own to join the rumors of the World Rally Championship, Rossi admitted that rallying is the last possible destination after he quit MotoGP car scene, but he said that would be a long time after the near future, he will concentrate on the MotoGP.

He said: “I have always loved rally, was a child of this movement of passion, ran up a rally a great feeling when I have time and opportunity.”

“I always enjoy this feeling may be, when I quit the motorcycle arena, when I have more time and have the opportunity to improve their time, I will attend the Rally, but this can not happen in the short term I still hope to be able to drive the motorcycle to run again a few years. ”

Rossi added that he has decided not to join the F1 grid in the exit of the MotoGP motor racing, stressed that he is purely just for fun in the winter testing for Ferrari.

“In 2006 I decided to continue to participate in motorcycle racing. Although there have been suspected, but the red car at Mugello and Ferrari together a great feeling, as I said before, I had to enter the F1 opportunities, but ultimately decided to stay the motorcycle industry. I have made a choice, I think this will not have any variables.

Reporter learned from relevant departments, recently released U.S. motorcycle brake system proposal. The proposal to add and update the following test program: provides test control and separate brake pedal motorcycle dry full load brake test procedures, provide a new assessment of motorcycle speed brakePerformanceTesting procedures, increased use of process simulation of the wet brake test conditions, improved test procedures for evaluating thermal recession and anti-lock braking system test procedures and performance requirements, with a booster brake system for motorcycles, increase the power braking system failure test. This law aims to develop the United States globally harmonized motorcycle brakeTechnologyRegulations, motorcycle export enterprises should be increased awareness.

China is recognized as the world’s largest motorcycle producer, the annual export volume growth situation is gratifying, the United States accounted for the largest Chinese motorcycle exportsMarketShare. Ningbo Port to export low-end motorcycles, small displacementModelsThe main products exported to focus on U.S., EU, Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics show that the first three quarters of this year, Ningbo 82,000 motorcycles were exported, the value of $ 37,110,000, an increase of 11% and 25%, export the environment becoming more and more better than before. However, stride out of the country in the product, while exports of industrial products subject to the sound development of mixed and vicious price competition has become increasingly prominent. Improve product quality and added value, breaking the barriers constraints, seeking to become the current hot topic of export breakthroughs.

Inspection and quarantine experts, to make the motorcycle industry’s export prospects favorable development trend, in addition to motorcycle manufacturers rely on the current challenges facing the industry have a rational and objective understanding of the technical barriers to achieve replicability, and ability to actively cope with barriers towards improving reorientation of production technology, more importantly, to the relevant government departments or regulatory, guidance and strict control, increasing the ability of independent innovation, strict control of the motorcycle importing country environmental requirements, energy efficiency, compatibility and other access conditions production, R & D environment for the local market the new high-end products put on the agenda.

In order to better address transportation travel to facilitate the production needs of life, well-known motorcycle manufacturers in JapanYamahaIn “The 10th China International Motorcycle Exhibition” media release on the first day of its latest Cub “love hair I8″. October 13, many of the media in the country’s witness, the YamahaBrand2011 imageEndorsementPeople famous film stars Mr. Sun Honglei, Miss Tao Yin YamahaEngineCo., Ltd., China Division of the High Minister Mr. Hira Hing Long, Shanghai Yamaha Jianshe Motorcycle Sales Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Wo Chang together into a “love hair I8″ opening.

“Love made I8″ with a new country, three 115cc engine, a perfect balance between classic style, superior, practical three majorPerformance. The aluminum cylinder helps to provide superior thermal performance and stability, with driving characteristics can be a long time; crankshaft bearings to increase the use of 62mm diameter, a significant reduction in vibration, thus improving engine durability and reliability; of oil devices, with a speed of better fuel economy and Japanese joint-venture brands; a 4-speed gear, enables the driver to use the right gear to make the engine to achieve the best efficiency. More superior performance in low areas, while improving the performance of each stall speed; In addition, “Love made I8″ Yamaha cub is the first in the use of replaceable oil filterModelsThis device is more convenient on a regular basis to maintain, improve engine durability and service life; the same time, the new design of the leading wind shield, the full import of natural wind, to more effectively cool the engine in a timely manner, to improve engine reliability. While the damage from external collision engine to extend the life.

Design, the new turn signal design atmosphere, simple. With wider lenses, sturdy and practical and easy to identify; 765mm large extended seat, make driving more comfortable. Lower seat height, easy and accurate with both feet to the driver; side of the baffle with a new double-thick design, with excellent anti-dust effect of wind,VehicleAppears robust and rich texture; larger and more practical storage space, and provides vehicle tools, a small suitcase hook design, after stopping to hang small objects,HelmetSo easy to lose, improved convenience; 100mm long-travel front shock absorber system, the ground force to achieve a good feedback. Shock after application of a variety of environments using a durable type 2-stage springs, to achieve a more comfortable driving experience; In addition, the use of a large increase after the turn signals, reflecting the sense of high quality, durable and enhance the degree of recognition.

It is reported that the newest “love hair I8″ There are red, black, silver, 3 colors to choose from to meet different gender and age groups in consumer demand.

National Standards Commission recently published the “electric motorcycles and electric moped safety requirements” and 4 on electric scooters and electric mopeds relevant national standards and will be 1 January 2010 onwards. One of the “20/40 standard” high-profile – “40 kg, more than 20 kilometers per hour of electric bicycles, electric motorcycles as light or electric motorcycles, motor vehicles classified areas.” This means that if the implementation of this national standard, electric car ride again next year may have been the driving test, on the card, buy insurance, and a series of formalities.

GB: ride electric vehicles to test a driver’s license?

New national standard “20/40″ standard the majority of electric vehicles classified as motor vehicles category, which means that a group of more than the original standard bike will “upgrade” for motorcycles, riding a motor vehicle from the slow track, fast track.

As early as 1999, the domestic has issued “General Electric Bicycle conditions”, states that “the maximum speed of not more than 20 km, the vehicle mass (weight) is not greater than 40 kg.” It is said that the new national standard is the “commitment” from the document. However, almost all of the market for electric bicycles, are beyond the “20/40″ standard. New national standard succession of standards, was that do not meet current realities.

Reporters with the drafting of the major units of the new national standard – National Motor Vehicle Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The center staff, the research to develop new national standard electric motor main purpose is to regulate the electric car market, electric car users and to protect the personal safety of pedestrians. Electric motor after the implementation of the new national standard on the marketPinSale of the vehicle weight greater than 40kg, more than 20km per hour of electric motorcycles will be transferred to a portable motorcycle, “and according to technical conditions for the safe operation of motor vehicles” in the relevant provisions of these electric cars can be incorporated into the range of vehicle management.

Accordingly, once transferred to the moped vehicle team, according to state regulations, drivers must pass on the license, driver’s license, buy insurance before they can legally a few off the road.

China, Beijing (January 18, 2011) – Today,Harley DavidsonChina 2011 new product launches in Beijing Dpark club held its 2011 debut new motorcycles in China, which is a symbol of Harley Davidson in China has stepped on the gas, along with the roar of a full-speed into a new years.

Harley Davidson 2011 China launched a five-wideNew carType: FatBoy ® Special (fat boy custom version), FatBob ® (fat Pa), SuperlowTM (movement, Low Block, Super Edition), IRON883TM (movement tough guy), NightRod ® Special (Night Luther), and the highly acclaimed StreetBob ® (Street Fighter) models also return to ChinaMarket. In addition to the existing five cars from the (movement in cars, Dana cars, soft-tail cars, station wagons and VRSC series cars) than many cars, the majority of Chinese fans have more choices.

The new 2011 Harley-Davidson motorcycle market shock

In 2011, China had 14 Harley-Davidson models to choose from, and modified to provide customers with more choice pieces. The new motorcycle has brought betterPerformance, More features, better value, and the latest Harley-Davidson motorcycle technology.

“The new 2011 Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a perfect interpretation of the superior product, and greatly expanded the scope of the customer’s choice no matter what model you like, whether you ride the short or long distances, there is always a Harley Davidson motorcycle able to meet your needs. “Chinese President Mr. Jiang Xixiang Harley-Davidson said,” We are sparing no effort to increase the range of options in China’s motorcycle, which also proves that we are fulfilling the long-term commitment to the Chinese market on the road full speed ahead with our will continue to create a Harley-Davidson owners in China, culture, maintenance of existing fans and attract new members, we are also looking for more potential dealers have the ability to continue to expand our dealer network to ensure that the increasingly more and more Chinese customers and motorcycle enthusiasts have access to superior driving experience, and achieve their dreams. ”

Harley Davidson 2011 the Chinese market a new product highlights:

Touring (wagon lines)

People always say that the world is very small. Yes, the Harley-Davidson ® touring is to make the world a smaller place great tool.

Power surging TwinCamTMEngineAnd a smooth six-speed switching CruiseDrive ® gearbox, to achieve a high bit lower speed, so that long-distance highway travel easier – Only Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you can find great torque and smooth Switching great combination. Designed specifically for long-distance riding luxury features include a large windshield or fairing, the rider and passenger long-distance travel seat, storage space large enough side box, ABS braking system; the optional cruise control and air pressure adjustable rear shock and so on. Here is your life all the necessary travel, it will feel every time you step onto it. Whether it is riding across the continent or to another town, outside the world waiting for you to explore.

Softail (soft end cars)

From hand to hard-tail style rear design, Softail ® style is to indulge them. Rigid V-Twin engine installation installed in the frame being close. Tank on the traditional style of the center console and dual exhaust pipes clean and tidy, from the famous Hard Tail models – the real iconic motorcycle. However, without worrying about riding comfort, Softail ® rear suspension design will be cleverly hidden, only to imitate the classic Harley-Davidson ® motorcycle concise style, it also provides excellent handling, unmatched rider and passenger comfort .

2011 models of the new features include a redesigned handle control, the less wires, more features, such as greater odometer to display more information, including gear and speed. Harley-Davidson as faithful to the original style of the real masterpiece, Softail models so that we enjoy in the warm, traditional, while the advanced technology. To provide a comprehensive experience of the perfect ride, the 2011 we also added a Softail standard cars of ABS, please enjoy it … …

FATBOY ® SPECIAL (fat boy custom version)

Vehicle features:

- Black sunken shape, satin chrome

- Black twill color frame andRocker

- Low seat, elongated seat

- Stainless steel mini-beach-style handlebar internal wiring

- Half-moon black riding hands and feet pedals

- Eye-catching satin-finished medallion tank

- Medallion with Harley tank panel

- New manual controls and odometer display, with extended functionality

- New standard ABS

Dyna (Dana cars)

Individual attitudes, publicity show. Pure, vintage modified cars (bobber) custom style coupled with a long tradition.

Legend of the engine into the BigTwin world. Harley Davidson Willie G. Davidson, the famous designer series of original personality street car, a large air-cooled V-Twin engine is extremely eye-catching. Iconic appearance, ease of handling six-speed gearbox and fuel injection CruiseDrive ™ system, together with improved handling, stability and lighter clutch, Dana motorcycle riders provide their sought-after for the power performance. Exposed rear shock and side-mountedBatteryCover, only one can easily identify them, Dyna ® motorcycle manufacturers only for one thing – riding.

Chinese market in 2011 increased StreetBob Street Fighter and two new models FatBob Pa fat. The Dana cars to the extreme interpretation of the style.

FATBOB ® (fat Pa)

Vehicle features:

- Black powder-coated engine with polished covers

- Bobtail rear fender, chrome frame

- Low fuel tank console, chrome

- Riding in the hands and feet pedals set

- Standard passenger pedal

- Stainless steel internal alignment of racing-style handlebars

- Teardrop-shaped air filter assembly

- One-piece combo Dyna ® classic seat

- Black Mirror

- Chrome-plated dual headlamps

- Tank medallion (Tankmedallion)

- Chrome-plated surface of the lower rear shock with adjustable preload function manually

- Sport front fender with painted frame

STREETBOB ® (Street Fighter)

Vehicle features:

- Black powder-coated engine and polished covers

- Installation of central hands and feet pedal ride

- Stainless steel, internal alignment mini-hanging-down handle

- Teardrop-shaped air filter assembly

- Truncated Bobber style rear fenders and lower front fender

- Single-seat chair

- Retro-style LED tail lights

- Michelin Scorcher ™ tires

 Sportster (movement cars)

Sportster ® Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a pure blood ®, is true.

In 1957, the first one to use the name of the Sportster motorcycle factory. Today, the motorcycle still retains its predecessor model thin, light and easy driving characteristics, combined with modern practicality and style, powerful street car. Peanut-shaped fuel tank and low seat Sportster is the hallmark of cars, and rough V-Twin engine is a Harley-Davidson ® motorcycle each common core components. 2011 models of the Sportster family provides a cool, confident of riding experience, will continue to carry forward the tradition of the car system.

2011 Sportster models of cars in added a new SuperLow ™ (Low Block, Super Edition) models continue to highlight its performance characteristics. Good road response and handling, agile physique, and accurate calibration power and torque – which is riding you all the necessary personality.

IRON883 ™ (movement tough guy)

Vehicle features:

- Black powder coating Evolution ™ 883cc engine, with a black handle cover

- Truncated rear fender and the single-seat chair

- Black headlamps and black headlamp lamp

- Black type racing style handle low

SuperLow ™ (movement, Low Block, Super Edition)

Vehicle features:

- Silver powder-coated cylinder and cylinder head

- Polished rocker cover

- Low single-seat bucket seat

- Easy grip handle

- Lightweight front fork and rolling triangular head (tripleclamps)

- Black split five cast machined wheels

- Installation of central control switch

VSRC cars

The field of high-powered motorcycle cruise, the rules set by me! VRSC motorcycle equipped with a powerful, 1247ccRevolution ® engine, speeding on the road, our short-track speed race in the fine tradition carried forward. Slip clutch, ABS braking system and large 240 mm rear tire to fully validate these low street beast has the pedigree. They come from Harley-Davidson ®, but with your well-known models are different. Up to 125 horsepower with the powerful driving force, VRSC models to attract those who love the classic Harley Davidson style, the way they prefer high-performance riders riding for the pursuit of sport performance fans offer a unique wonderful experience.

2011 models of the new features include optional anti-theft systems, including anti-lock braking system also (ABS), more value for money.


Vehicle features:

- Black powder-coated engine with black treatment covers the surface

- Sport front fender and paint stand

- Low rear fender

-240 Mm wide rear tire

- Match the color of the headlights panel

- Sliding clutch

- Forward to install foot pedal ride

- Standard passenger pedal

- Stainless steel Low type short track drag racing-style handlebars

- Two-piece combo fiber fabric seat

- Four-piston front calipers Brembo ® brakes, with dual front rotors

- Wide 49 mm custom fork

- Standard ABS

- New Michelin tires Scorcher ™

ChinaHarley-Davidson motorcycleOwners and enthusiasts will have the opportunity to authorize distribution of the nearest Harley-Davidson showroom to experience the new 2011 Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson has begun to accept the new 2011 motorcycles Order.

About Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is the world’s only US-based motorcycle manufacturer of high-end leisure products including a full range of heavy motorcycles and motorcycle parts, accessories, clothing and a variety of goods.

Harley-Davidson was established in April 2005, Shanghai office, formally entered the Chinese mainland. July 9, 2010, the Chinese subsidiary of Harley-Davidson – Harley-Davidson (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. was formally established. Currently designated authorized dealer distribution network in China seven cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Wenzhou, Dalian and Chengdu.

Currently, the Harley-Davidson in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, three Harley Owners Group has established a branch. Harley-Davidson is sparing no effort to lead the development of China’s leisure motorcycle market, the symbol of Liberty Avenue, raw power and good times of the Harley-Davidson’s unique safe driving experience to the Chinese motorcycle enthusiasts.

June 28, 2011, China’s new force – Karcher cleaning industry Cup 2011 China Top Ten Most Influential Award Presentation Ceremony was held at Beijing’s Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. On-site experts, associations, industry elite, media correspondents gathered together to witness the cleaning industry’s top event!

Germany Karcher, Nikon (China), Shanghai sincerity, Guangdong Baiyun, Shanghai content industry, nearly 70 outstanding companies from more than 1,000 eligible companies emerged as the industry’s annual pride. Maloney, Ling Yongfu, Xu L Wang, and ten others in the industry with outstanding contribution to and influence won the title as the annual Top Ten.

Family business model researchers, the father of China classifieds, Chairman of the Board HC Fansheng come to the scene, and clean the top ten selected high hopes: “China is the largest consumer of clean, butBrandVoice was small. We hope this white paper, drawn by the Chinese were the first of our favorite brand, build our rules. ”

Karcher cleaning industry Cup 2011 China Top Ten Most Influential Award winners are as follows:

Industry, the Special Contribution Award: Nikon (China), Shanghai sincerity, Germany Karcher.

Engineering Innovation Award: New Oriental, Fantasy MacMillan, Beijing environmental testing center. The most influential foreign brands: Tennant, Thailand and facilities, Karcher, 3M.

The most influential national brands: Wuhu Airui Te, Hunan Lichen, Baiyun, Guangdong, Shenzhen Ruiwo, Little Swan, etc.

The most influential brand integrity: Eagle Sport Star, Rip, Dalian, Beijing daylight, Grand High, Shanghai Hao wins and so on.

The most influential cutting-edge brand: white and yellow, Hubei Kai Lin, Hong Ya-tang, Shantou clean energy, Shanghai Xiang waiting.

Top Ten Most Influential: Shanghai sincere Vice Ling Yongfu, Karcher (Shanghai), general manager of Maloney, general manager of Beijing Liu to Stellar Drive, Nikon (China), Xu, vice president of global macro-liter, Ya-feng, president of the sun Left Ya, high-chairman Liu Shanshen Grand, the general manager Zhang Yaju Ya Han Jie, Guangzhou Briggs Shi Zhong Ying-hui, chairman of the United States and Xi Jie, general manager of Jing Du Long and so on.

Top ten most influential dealers: Shanghai content industry, Shanghai Yuanfeng, Hubei, Kai Lin, Xiamen, Switzerland, the Xibei Long, Zhiheng era Shanghai Bibi United States, Shenzhen Rui Decheng and so on.

Top Ten Most Influential cleaning service company: Beijing Star United States, on the Highland-liter, Guiyang pure, Shanghai Blue Cloud, Beijing Thai, Shaanxi billion Jie, Beijing, Passepartout, Australia and the Philippines Tianjin, Kunming, Wang Biao, Beijing Rui Angbo .

Joyo’s most influential business: Tianjin Jie Shi Jie, Shenzhen Ruiwo, Guangzhou Fei-Hai, Zhuoyue Xin Da.

Congratulations to these winners and leaders.

Introduced July 1, the country motorcycle production Ⅲ standard means after the motorcycle to be more in line with environmental requirements, and this also gives manufacturers a higher demands and challenges. “Before the end of the first in China International Motorcycle and Parts Fair, Chen Yongqiang, president of China Chamber of Commerce, said motorcycle.

The reporter at the China International Fair motorcycle and spare parts have also seen, with the country Ⅲ standard implementation date approaches, including military equipment group,Lifan、Zongshen、Loncin, Qianjiang, Jincheng, including domesticBrandFrom abroad, Ducati,Yamaha、SuzukiAnd other foreign motorcycle manufacturers have introduced a variety of line with the country’s new motorcycle Ⅲ standard.

In order to achieve the country Ⅲ standard motorcycle design must use EFI, which the industry and consumers, the cost of increase is relatively high, a motorcycle manufacturer’s engineer told reporters, because the profits are motorcycle thin, mainly aimed at consumers is relatively low income groups, without a proper cost-effective solution that the industry also faces enormous impact.

From the present point of view, the domestic motorcycle enterprises has clearly come up with effective solutions to solve this problem. Zongshen Group in the booth, the reporter saw them show a high cost country Ⅲ emission solutions.

“Back in 2004 we and the world’s topCarburettorAnd manufacturer of electronic systems design companies in Italy De Luotuo, joint research and development of electronic control program costs compared to conventional closed-loop carburetor EFI program significantly reduced, and the actual results achieved over the country Ⅲ and Euro Ⅲ standard. “Zongshen Group, one staff member told reporters.

Zongshen Group in the booth, a unique form of motorcycle attracts many people to gather around: different from ordinary motorcycle, it even has two front wheels. Next to the big screen playing the video of this motorcycle driving test, you can clearly see that when the motorcycle on a sharp turn in the corners, the two front wheels in a complex mechanical structure under the effect of reversing the formation of helical character, stable and secure complete U-turn action.

“This motorcycle is called MP3, is our joint venture partner, the famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer Piaggio launched the new product, currently available in China.” Zongshen Group’s staff told reporters, “It is not only full compliance with state Ⅲ standard, and this design ensures that the two front wheels motorcycle at high speed handling, but also take into account the car’s stability and security. “

2010 MotogpWorld Motorcycle Grand PrixAfter a Taka Er, Italy, Germany, the United States and other incentives Competition station after the game, finally came to the highly anticipated Malaysia. Malaysia is the entire MotoGPEventsPenultimate. Royal Dutch Shell Advance lubricants, once again sponsored the World Motorcycle Grand Prix Malaysia. Stadium in Malaysia this year, in addition to see Ducati,Yamaha、HondaOther than compete with the real strength of the team name of the game has a new look. Shell last year because of the highly successful game to activate its charity PrinceBrandOwnership rights, the name of this year, Malaysia will also be a new event named “Shell Advance Motorcycle Grand Prix in Malaysia.”

Shell Malaysia World Motorcycle Grand Prix resumption of fighting

Click here to see all news photos

Duo Erna Sports (DornaSportsS.L.) PauSerracanta general manager, said “We are very pleased to welcome once again sponsored by Shell Advance motorcycle Grand Prix of Malaysia in 2010. We are all for their sponsorship in 2009, and the exciting race ultimately supported by the Shell Advance happy win. We are always very happy to work withCooperationPartners to share our enjoyment of the World Motorcycle Championship in Asia the importance and high visibility. ”

MOTOGPWorld Motorcycle Grand Prix to the expansion of super-speed from the initial development of six races to today’s 17 races, each of races the average number of global television audience has reached 300 million 50 million and over 200 countries and territories worldwide can be said to be a truly world-class competition. Why so popular back MotoGP reasons, or from its speed start. MotoGP motorcycle competition is about the maximum speed of 340 km, with a top speed of F1 cars to say the least phase Zhong Bo. Used by all the special MotoGP racing, the pursuit of speed and focus on ornamental. The MotoGP racing body is narrow, Competition Vehicles and more overtaking opportunities are many, and sometimes have taken place almost every lap ranking change. Drivers or even the last lap at the last corner, suddenly started to change the pattern of sprint scene also occurs. In addition, MotoGP race, the drivers body completely exposed, usually do not stop Come on, do not stop strategy at all, it can be said from the beginning game entirely based on the drivers alone. MotoGP race so exciting exception.

As we all know, there is power in order to have speed. In addition to driving skills other than to provide energy and power for the MotoGP motorcycle race engine oil is also the team can win the race drivers the key index. Shell, the world’s top motorcycle brand energy and power, in addition to the World Motorcycle Grand Prix Malaysia’s sole sponsor other races, or the star of the team race Ducati’s long-termTechnologySupport partners. Shell in more than a century of time has been a key role in motorcycle racing, with the Ducati team’s relationship dates back to 1999. In 2003, Shell Advance Ducati collaboration into the World Championship together. Since then, Shell Advance motorcycle for the Ducati team at the World Championships to provide continuous power and engine protection, has won a victory of 28 points, 68 podiums, and the drivers World Championship in 2007, manufacturing material providers and three team titles.

Shell’s senior manager of global marketing TanmayJaswal said: “I am pleased to announce that we once again sponsored Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix. Our relationship with Ducati so we can better develop our technology, and the final test track products. We Our proud history of motorcycle racing, while Shell Lubricants sponsored Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix in 2010 for us, but also for the rapid development of motorcycle events should make some contribution. ”

Shell Advance Motorcycle Grand Prix of Malaysia will be held October 10, 2010 at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia. Let us look forward to!

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